Canossa Events Memories | Richard Cook

Canossa Events Memories

February 25, 2020

Richard Cook

“Claire and I were lucky enough to be invited to compete this year, our second Modena Cento Ore. We came with high expectations and had them exceeded at every level. Our whole team was extremely well cared for throughout the rally; the organisers do a fantastic job of choreographing the entire event.
We loved the scenery, the hotels, and the food but this year we especially loved the competition. The route was a real challenge, racing on Italy’s greatest circuits and taking-on complex and perilous road stages. The whole crew spent long days with a lot of work to do but that only made the experience more rewarding.
Most of all, we loved the people. The camaraderie between teams is quite unique, creating a platform where everyone starts the day as equals and finishes the day the same way, irrespective of the results. Modena Cento Ore is an outstanding event on so many levels, but it is this spirit of genuine friendship in intense competition that will keep us coming back, time after time.”