Letter from our Chairman

Letter from our Chairman

March 26, 2020

March 26th - An update on Covid19

In the past few weeks we have taken immediate actions to safeguard our family of dedicated employees and collaborators from the continuously evolving coronavirus pandemic. 

Today, as a further step, we are dimming the lights in our offices in Reggio Emilia, Milano, Dubai, Miami and New York. I say we are ‘dimming’ the lights, because our passion for bringing people together from around the world, for unforgettable moments of motoring, will never be switched off. 

All our events worldwide in the coming months will either be cancelled or postponed. Our customer care is providing detailed information and is always available for any questions.

We are also preparing to move the Modena Cento Ore to mid-October. Our team is doing miracles to rearrange our signature and most beloved event, which normally requires no less than one year of meticulous preparation.

In the meantime, we are grateful for everyone’s understanding of this situation at hand, and we want to ensure that nobody will lose their paid entry fee.

In the coming weeks we will be posting on Facebook and Instagram pages, our “Postcards from Italy”. It is our humble effort to provide all of us with moments of happiness and inspiration, to relive moments of glory and to continue dreaming our future!   

Just before returning to our homes where we will patiently wait for the pandemic to slow down, it is with our greatest gratitude that we have made a donation to our public healthcare system, aimed to contribute to the safety of the brave doctors, paramedics and civil servants who are fighting on the war front to save lives.

We wish everyone all the best and we look forward to the day we will restart the engines of our passion and gather together on four wheels to enjoy our beautiful world and its’ wonders!

Luigi Orlandini

Chairman and CEO


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