Canossa Events Memories | Guy and Magda Dubois - Van Houdt

Canossa Events Memories

June 13, 2020

Guy and Magda Dubois - Van Houdt

"This year we were fortunate to participate in both the Terra di Canossa and the Modena Cento Ore (regularity) events. The Terre di Canossa is certainly a more relaxed rally with plenty of time trials, historical sites, fun evening programs and high culinary standards. The Cento Ore, however, is a TdC on steroids as we could enjoy our car on a number of closed roads and drive on a different race track every day.
What both events had in common is the superb organisation by the entire Canossa team and the participation of happy like-minded car enthusiasts from all over the world.
We will be back in 2020!"